“Koinaka” Ch.1 & 7v2 by Lunch, Decensored

Another chapter from Koinaka by Lunch (TNC) !

[Lunch (TNC)] Koinaka Ch.1 Decensored

More sweet vanilla and another cute busty chick in the decensored ch.1 of Koinaka.I also made a v2 of ch.7 by including the revisions made by Amai Little Thing to the translation.

DOWNLOAD / E-Hentai Gallery

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“Koinaka” Ch. 7 by Lunch, Decensored

Liked this chapter pretty much 🙂

[Lunch (TNC)] Koinaka Decensored [Lunch (TNC)] Koinaka Ch. 7 Decensored

DOWNLOAD / E-HENTAI GALLERY -> See the post above.

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“Dere Nochi Torare” Ch. 6-7-9 by CARN, Decensored

I decensored the three remaining chapters of “Dere Nochi Torare” by Carn, mostly NTR.

[Carn] Dere nochi torare, UNCENSORED

DOWNLOAD / E-Hentai Gallery (full tank)

EDIT: There’s a new link for the archive, a page was missing, big thanks to Esquire who made me notice 😉

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2 pics by Ookami Ryousuke decensored

I decensored these 2 pics 3 weeks ago but I forgot to upload them:

Image 1 (by Ookami Ryousuke)(UNCENSORED) Image 2 (by Ookami Ryousuke)(UNCENSORED)

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“First Date” by Sato Saori, now uncensored

Here’s something quickly done, an original work from Sato Saori, published in COMIC Tenma n°13 (2011-01), 20 pages of vanilla hentai involving a shy cutie 🙂

[Sato Saori] First Date p02 (Uncensored) [Sato Saori] First Date p03 (Uncensored) [Sato Saori] First Date p17 (Uncensored)

DOWNLOAD / E-Hentai Gallery

A strand of hair was in the middle of page 19 (thanks to Karis who made me notice), here’s a cleaned v2 for this page (I won’t reupload the whole chapter):

[Sato Saori] First Date p19v2 (Uncensored)

I’m also working on “PDLK” by Abradeli aka BoBoBo, but I alternate photoshop sessions with Max Payne 3 sessions, it will go faster when I beat the game 😛

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More COMIC Unreal Pin-ups decensored

Some more pin-ups from the COMIC Unreal magazine, all decensored and/or cleaned by me (the imperfections due to the merging of the two pages are gone).

COMIC Unreal v04 2006-12 (TANA)(CLEAN) COMIC Unreal v06 2007-04 (Mogudan)(UNCENSORED) COMIC Unreal v02 2006-08 (Miyama Rei)(UNCENSORED) COMIC Unreal v08 2007-08 (Mogudan)(UNCENSORED) COMIC Unreal v09 2007-10 (Onomeshin)(CLEAN) COMIC Unreal v11 2008-02 (Rakujin)(UNCENSORED)COMIC Unreal v13 2008-06 (Oohashi Takayuki)(UNCENSORED) COMIC Unreal v19 2009-06 (Shino)(UNC)COMIC Unreal v33 2011-10 (Natsuka Q-Ya)(UNCENSORED) COMIC Unreal v33 2011-10 (Oshare Kyousitsu)(UNCENSORED)COMIC Unreal v36 2012-04 (A.S.herumesu)(UNCENSORED)

Stay tuned for more 😉

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Some COMIC Unreal Pin-ups decensored…

I gathered ALL the pin-ups illustrations from COMIC Unreal (from vol. 1 to the last one), some of them already caught my eye… 😛

To begin with, three decensored illustrations by Q-Gaku, Oshare Kyoushitsu and Takada Kazuhiro:

COMIC Unreal v19 2009-06 (Q-Gaku)(UNCENSORED) COMIC Unreal v29 2011-02 (Takada Kazuhiro)(UNCENSORED) COMIC Unreal v36 2012-04 (Oshare Kyoushitsu)(UNCENSORED)


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